Study Tips to Recertify MCSE Server Infrastructure with exam 70-980

  • I have my MCSE Server Infrastructure and MCSE Private Cloud certifications expiring this month and next month respectively. I am cramming for the 70-980 exam first. However, there are no study materials out there specifically for this, so I am trying to determine if I should try and recover all of the Exam 413 and Exam 414 materials or if I should reference the TechNet articles for each exam topic. It seems the most efficient to just read through TechNet articles for each exam topic and dig deeper and get some hands-on refresher where I feel less confident. However, considering the very specific questions Microsoft likes to test on I am not too confident right now. Anyone have any recommendations for cramming for the 70-980 exam?


    Here is my blog post on how I prepared for the MCSE exams a few years ago, but I had more time then.


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  • I posted a little more detail on my recent blog post:

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